Paleo Horseradish Prep

Do you LOVE horseradish and miss it since you've nixed it after going Paleo ? (Horseradish itself, the plant IS Paleo, but most of the commercially available preparations use vinegar, and sometimes sugar, excluding it from a pure Paleo plan).    DownloadedFile 

Enter the lemon!

Using lemon in lieu of vinegar to prep your own horseradish keeps it Paleo:

  • Peel the skin after washing.
  • Chop into rough, small pieces
  • Throw it into your mini prep food processor with some water and freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • Pulse to combine.

Serve with your favorite cut of grass fed beef (it's not ONLY for Sunday Roast!), or mix with freshly pureed tomato and serve with chilled prawns for a Paleo version of cocktail sauce.