Way Too Much Bad Information

Some sources are obviously not all that reliable in terms of providing the most accurate pieces of information. A tabloid magazine at the checkout stand with an ad on it which features a product guaranteed to allow you to simultaneously lose weight and develop a deep, golden tan isn’t exactly the ideal resource. Nor is […]

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9 % + 80 % ?

It may not add up to 100, but if you know what the context is, it adds up in another way. The numbers refer to my body fat percentage and the percent of calories I eat that come from fat. Last week, I visited a local facility, BodySpec, to have my body fat measured with […]

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Fat Coffee on the Plane

As my plane is about to land in Heathrow, I’m enjoying a cup of fat coffee. It has butter in it; and no, that doesn’t mean that butter is Paleo.  It means that this was the best option given the choices. ( Read on…) And rather than having to bring my bottle of MCT along, […]

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