Should I workout if I’m feeling ill?

That is a loaded question! I do not claim to be an MD in any way, but I do sometimes have clients who’ll ask me about this. I certainly feel it is up to the person feeling ill (as opposed to me!) to decide whether or not to skip a training session, but I can […]

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Exercise should be enjoyable!

After all, as human-animals, we are made to move! Many people find themselves in a rut with regard to fitness. They’ve somehow decided that exercise HAS to mean going to the gym and spending 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer, where they feel bored and disengaged and finally quit. While the elliptical trainer, or the […]

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Fitness Training

I like to make exercising fun for my clients. 

Everyone has different goals and hurdles, and it is up to me to keep you coming back  by keeping up on the most current training methods, paying close attention to your feedback and not letting you get bored! Regardless of past obstacles or a general dislike […]

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