Fitness Training

I like to make exercising fun for my clients.

Everyone has different goals and hurdles, and it is up to me to keep you coming back  by keeping up on the most current training methods, paying close attention to your feedback and not letting you get bored!

Regardless of past obstacles or a general dislike of exercise, together we can make training fun!

You can train outside (Pacific Northwest weather permitting!) or at a local training gym.

Sometimes we’ll do intervals & circuits, other times we may focus on balance or ‘core’ training, just to name a couple of training styles; variety with focus – it’s the way to go!

Fitness and Nutrition go hand in hand and I approach all clients comprehensively- offering nutritional counseling and dietary analysis in addition to training services to help get you to your goals more efficiently.

Getting Started:

Please feel free to email; the first step is deciding to make the commitment.

I’ll be happy to speak with you to set up a complimentary phone consult.

Fitness Assessment

Are you a ‘numbers’ person? If so- perhaps this is a good starting point for you. Measurements may include body fat (caliper method), strength and flexibility assessments. Others prefer to measure their progress by the way a certain item of clothing fits, or simply by the fact that they’re feeling more energetic.

It’s your choice- and your custom program!

Program Design

Do you prefer to meet on a more occasional basis, and need a guideline to follow when you’re working out independently? You may want to try a program design so that you’ll continue your progression between our sessions. (This options is available as a three month minimum.)

Private Fitness Training

Based on your personal fitness goals, fitness level or medical limitations, I’ll prepare each workout individually for you. I’ll be there for the full session (one hour) and help in warm up, stretching, demonstrating exercises and modifications, and making sure each and every one is executed properly. Each workout will be different from the last. Remember, I want to keep you coming back for more!