Rib Eye…Just Rib Eye!

I’ve never been a gal with a sweet tooth.  I don’t ‘crave’ ice cream or secretly wish cake and cookies were part of the Paleo diet.

What makes this Paleoista’s eyes roll back in her head is savory combined with a healthy dollop of good fat.

And while I’m more than happy to play around in my kitchen, dreaming up, then executing all sorts of interesting combinations, when I cook for myself, I must honestly say that my favorites are the simplest things.

A perfectly ripe avocado with a squeeze of lime, eaten with a spoon right out of the skin.

Wild salmon sashimi (I never did fancy dousing it in soy sauce anyway!) with some wakame.

Shredded, raw kale with garlic and olive oil.

And, of course, a good piece of meat.

Grass-fed is a given and, prepared in the easiest manner, second only in simplicity to perhaps not cooking it at all, whether we’re talking about filet mignon, skirt steak, flank or, on occasion, a nice fatty rib eye, a lovely steak is a must-eat part of the Paleo lifestyle.

Don’t forget, eating fat is not what makes people fat.  Eating refined carbohydrates, sugars and starch when you’re not prepping your body for endurance will do that for you, though!

Yes, the Paleo diet does suggest choosing lean meats in general, so don’t take this as a missive to select only the more marbled cuts.  Rather, I’m simply suggesting you stay open minded to different options; not only will your palate thank you, but being more flexible with the types of cuts you’ll eat can also prove to be a budget friendly tip.  If you planned on a lean cut and found that once you got to your butcher, there was a special on another choice, you may want to go with the latter.

Click here for my favorite preparation for an athlete’s meal featuring grass fed bison rib – eye; sometimes simple really is best!