“I don’t want to go out and exercise in the cold, winter weather…”

I don’t get it! The mere fact that it IS winter and the skies are grey and dreary (here in the Pacific NW, anyway!), and that the bone-chilling cold is around us, is reason in itself to get out and move!

Bundle up, get out there and go!

At this time of year, many people report feeling that the have a touch of the blues and would prefer to sleep in, all cozy in their beds in the morning, or cozy up with their ‘comfort’ food at night after coming in from work, instead of exercising. But where will that get you with regard to the health, fitness and well-being goals you’ve set for yourself for 2008?

New studies are coming out, indicating the effectiveness of exercise on mood (not really that revolutionary of a finding, but hey! Better late than never, I suppose!). I just heard a radio spot the other day during which a physician stated that exercise can be more effective then prescription anti-depressants (not to mention it doesn’t have any side-effects!). Again- for many of us, this is not anything ‘new’, but the more exercise is promoted, the better, if you ask me!

Here’s an idea- just try it once: get up early, dress warmly and go for that jog or take your dog for an early am run around the neighborhood. Or, instead of heading home from work, straight for the sofa and the chips and five hours of mindless banter on TV, bring your workout gear with you to work and promise yourself you’ll stop by the gym on your way home for a good sweat. Either an am or a pm workout session should put you in a mindset to have a more healthful approach to having a more nutritious meal afterward and it will likely even put you in a better mood to help chase away the winter doldrums! A MUCH superior idea to zonking out and eating junk while being still, if you ask me.

Now, move it! : )