Gather (at the Farmer’s Market), Discover…Cook!

As I write this post, I’m getting ready to do one of my absolute favorite things:  cook. Something I do every day, whether I’m cooking for myself and my dogs while Chris is out of town for work, or hosting a gigantic holiday party…it’s always the same. No matter what sort of day I’ve had, how busy it may have been or whatever curve balls may have come by way, the moment I get into my kitchen, put on my apron, turn on my newest favorite Pandora station, “French Cooking Music” and pour a glass of wine…sometimes, everything else stops. No chatter in my mind about all the things I should have gotten to that I didn’t, no feelings of being rushed to get to a meeting, no worries about any of the random things that one might be mulling over during the course of a day. This evening is going to be particularly fun as I’m hosting another cooking class, which I’ve begun calling a cooking party instead because, let’s be honest, when there’s wine involved and a group of 8 women or 5 couples talking, drinking… and chopping, slicing and dicing in the kitchen, that’s what it is! And as much as I love working with my private nutrition clients, there’s something so much more fundamental that can be seen, felt and tasted when we gather as a community and prepare and eat really amazing food. Teaching by taste, we can all experience all the things I write about; it doesn’t have to be a choice between eating foods that good for us and foods that taste good.   Fat is our friend and cooking with a varied range of fats not only lends itself to producing a far more decadent meal, it’s satiating, but not stuffing.    And that there’s room for a little bit of indulgence, vis a vis something like my signature truffles. So this evening, right around 630 when the first guests begin to arrive (this one is a private class, won by a woman who bid on it at the nearby tennis club’s auction), I’ll be in my element, chatting about heath, eating real food, a little bit of fitness talk no doubt but most importantly, communal cooking, eating, sharing and learning. What better way to spend an evening ‘at work’? So grateful to be able to share this with my clients, and with you, my blog readers, too!