How Much Is Too Much?

A conversation with a new client yesterday prompted the idea for this post.  How much is too much running? Racing? Swimming? Cross Fitting?

The answer?

I don’t know!

We have to learn our bodies ourselves and figure out our own ideal frequency for training and racing, just as we do with sorting out which foods do and do not make us feel great.

Generally speaking, of course, if you’ve never run more than a 5k, it’s probably not a great idea to sign up for a marathon this weekend.  Similarly, if you’ve never tried a Cross Fit WOD, I wouldn’t necessarily suggest showing up to your local Cross Fit affiliate and trying to beat everyone’s times.

You get the idea.

At the same time, when I read articles giving guidelines that clearly appeal to the most basic, most unfit demographic, I find that equally as ridiculous as either of the two scenarios I mentioned above.

If you’re a seasoned marathoner, who says you cannot opt to run two marathons in a short time frame?   If you’ve been swimming all your life, why set the bar at swimming X thousand yards per week based on what an article written by someone who doesn’t know you?

The point is, yes, be smart, allow your body time to train and adapt to whatever stimulus you’re providing, and let your body’s signals, and only your body’s signals be the reason to back down or train and race less if/when it becomes necessary.

You know your body better than any doc, or masseur, or physical therapist;  only you know how you feel!