It’s National Running Day- Get Out There and Move It!

Are you a runner?   


It doesn’t matter if you are someone who fills their calendar with several races per year or someone who gets out there in the early hours before heading to the office for a good 30 minute jog to set the stage for a great day.


To me, running is the most natural form of movement we as bipeds can engage in.  (Walking, too, actually).


Think about it- to run, we only need the following gear:

Didn’t see my list?


Exactly!  We don’t need anything!  Yes, a pair of running shoes is helpful for those of us who don’t run barefoot all the time, but that’s about it.   We don’t need a membership to a gym, an eight thousand dollar bike or a private pilates instructor.


Of course, I’m a fan of anything that gets people moving, but am particularly passionate about running or walking as it’s something we can all do, regardless of age or economic background or where we live in the world.


Running is my panacea, a sheer gift and the one thing I can do that will guarantee to make me feel wonderful, more focused, energized and ready to conquer the day.


I find it so sad when I hear people say that they, too, love running but were told not to by a doctor because ‘it’s bad for the joints’ or ‘it’s too hard on the heart’.




If you love running, you should be running. 


Check your shoes, your running surfaces, your volume, your intensity, your gait and visit a biomechanical specialist to learn what muscles are tight, loose, weak or imbalanced.


Then, get a move on!


“The specific purpose of the day is to get people inspired to go running in many different ways such as committing to a new training plan or just heading out on the streets and trails with a group of like-minded friends”, states the site…l

earn more at RunningDay.Org !