Race Day is Here

When this post goes live, I’ll just have started my swim of today’s Ironman Hawaii 70.3.

The bike course is pat of the very same road we race on in October (pictured above- me racing along the Queen K…)

Aside from World Championships in Kona, this course, this race, is always a very special one for me.    My husband and I met through our sport and to be able to be here together racing is just awesome.

Can’t really complain at the idea of a trip to Hawaii- the people so friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere so relaxing.  It’s a sheer gift to have the opportunity to be here where the sport really began and to race on what’s essentially triathlon’s hallowed ground.

From beginning athletes to some of the top pros, from younger to not so young athletes and, the athletes I always find to be the most inspiring- the physically challenged athletes- we all share the common theme of enjoyment of the training, racing and camaraderie. 

Send your good vibes and check in online at www.ironmanlive.com at the time the race begins- 7 AM Hawaii time.

See you at the finish!