Accountability & Preparedness

Despite my title, no, I am not going to suggest you join the Boy Scouts! 

This topic was actually a suggestion from one of my favorite clients this morning during his workout.   He mentioned that if he doesn't pack his gym bag and lunch the night before, he's so much more likely to be cranky and rushed in the morning and possibly consider canceling.  He never cancels though!   He's prepared!

Everyone has a busy life these days.  Not many of us have loads of free time and as such, we all need to be mindful that we're managing our time properly and prioritizing tasks to get done what we need to.  I so strongly feel that we always have a choice about things that occur in our life and if we say we want to lose weight/get fit/eat a better diet or whatever the case may be, we need to back it up with action.  It does no good to simply say, "I want to lose 50 pounds" and then complain that you're feeling too heavy a week later when you've done absolutely nothing to try to make any changes.

Make a commitment to yourself that you deserve to be a priority and have a look at your weekly calendar to see where you can fit in a trip to the grocery store, a few hours in the kitchen to prepare a couple of days worth of healthy food as well as some trips to the gym or runs around the neighborhood.  Do what you can in the time you have and be as productive as possible.

Taking these steps and being proactive will no doubt put you in a better state of mind where you realize you're taking the control you need to in order to reach your health and fitness goals!