Eat To Keep Fit- A Nice, Happy Medium

When Aimee Aristotelous, co-founder of Eat To Keep Fit, reached out to connect, the first thing I did was check out her site.

She and her husband, Richard, began in 2011 with the intention of sharing with everyone, the fact that it is possible to enjoy a broad spectrum of delicious foods while maintaining ideal weight and health.

Aimee was quite candid about the fact that she’s not strictly Paleo, but she shares in common with me the idea that a focus on clean eating, limited sugar intake, high nutrient density and most importantly, celebrating good food and fantastic health is the ticket to better health.

We met over a lovely meal of grass fed steak and kale along with other assorted veggies to discuss how we might promote what one another is doing as if you look at the big picture, it’s really the same message:  we want to make our society healthier by eating better.

For many, using her methodology as a bridge, as she calls it, between the Standard American Diet and Paleo is a great approach to transitioning into completely Paleo.

I fully support the process that each of us has to get us to the common end goal and if it means gradually weaning out the non Paleo foods, which makes it more attainable for some, that I’m all for it.

Stay tuned for upcoming promotions we’ll be doing together and check out their website here!