How Can I Get ProBiotics If I’m Not Doing Dairy?

I am often asked my opinion on whether or not I recommend taking probiotics.

I don’t have a blanket suggestion; there are times when I think they’re indicated, and other times when they may be unnecessary.

Generally speaking, I am a fan of getting everything we need from food and not having to take pills, potions and powders.  

However, there are exceptions.  

I think we can all benefit from taking a high quality fish oil, as one example, and yes, probiotics also come into the picture as another, under certain situations.

A few years back, I had an ear infection from swimming and took a five day course of antibiotics.  My naturopath recommended a full month of a 50 Billion/tablet probiotic for every day of Cipro I took.  Yes, this is how potent these drugs are.

When we have to take an antibiotic for something legitimate, like an actual infection (as compared to the model in which people go to their doc with a case of the flu and somehow end up taking meds.  Don’t get that, but that’s material for another blog), taking a probiotic is definitely a good idea.

Also, if we’re healing from leaky gut, as many, if not all of us probably are, to some degree, this is another situation where it would help.

However, if you’ve been Paleo for quite a while and all indications show that you’re in optimal health, you may not need to take probiotics as part and parcel of your daily regime.  

If you do feel you need to take them, don’t feel you have to deviate from Paleo to go to a dairy-based source like yogurt or kefir.

There are tablets one can take which are not dairy or soy based, and don’t require you to do anything other than swallow a pill, rich in anywhere from 50- 80 billion units per tablet.

Of course, this is only part of the picture.

Your diet should be uber alkaline, rich in leafy greens, good fats and wild proteins and low in all sugars, including fruit and ideally, devoid in all these new “pseudo Paleo but not really Paleo” products, treats and recipes for slightly less offensive than the standard American diet foods like “paleo pancakes or breads”.

Keep to True Paleo and let your body heal!