How Many Calories Do I Need Per Day?

Oh, the age old question!  

Often, I'm horrified to hear the low number of calories that clients report they're eating in an attempt to control their weight.   In this day and age, I'm still hearing female clients tell me that they 'know they shouldn't eat more than 1,200 kcals per day, but they are still not able to lose weight'!

Even trickier still is solving, strictly numerically, how many calories an ironman triathlete in heavy training mode should consume to fuel their workouts, while at the same time helping them to reduce bodyfat percentage.

Ultimately- let your body guide you.  Yes, calculate what you perceive your caloric needs to be, follow a healthy, balanced Paleo meal plan and when you're hungry- eat!  Keep your snacks and meals balanced with regard to macro nutrient ratio.  Load up on the veg at each meal (aside from when you're prepping to train!), add some lean protein, and some healthy fat.  Eat regularly.  Stay hydrated!

Again- and I can't say this enough- listen to the cues your body gives you as the determining factor as to when you need to eat.  If you do so, and keep paleo, you're going to reach and stay at your healthy body weight, healthfully and permanently!