How Paleo is Too Paleo?

It all depends on you.

From my perspective, if someone is eating Paleo food and moving in some capacity, those are the two most important pieces, hands down.

When I ask  about being ‘too Paleo’, what I’m referring to is how much one chooses to implement other aspects of what some consider equally as important to the lifestyle; the very same aspects that others feel don’t suit them, personally.

For example, some prefer to ‘live like a caveman’- not wearing shoes, eating only what they hunt or gather themselves and making outdoor, ‘natural’ activity their means of exercise.

Others opt to be a bit more current day in their approach to exercise (or footwear) as well as being comfortable relying upon others, like local famers, to grow the produce and raise the meat that will end up on their plates.

Some want to be uber natural and eschew makeup, hair and skin care products or other modern day creations under the premise that paleo people didn’t use them, while others want to partake of their beautifying regimes.

Who’s right?

All of them!

Again, if you’re eating real food and moving, that’s all I or anyone who shares the desire to educate and get people healthier could ask for.   My own approach is certainly more of the modern one, which I have found many friends and clients alike can identify with.  In fact, this is the very platform that I’ve been working on building with my brand as well as my latest book, Paleoista.

The idea is that Paleo doesn’t have to be cavie, and that it’s actually suitable for anyone who is…human!

If you’re on the fence about it and your reason for not giving it a try is because you’re worried about having to give up your modern day to day living, fear not and give it a go.

Paleo living can, in fact, be a beautiful hybrid of an ‘old’ way of eating with a fresh, new approach.