November 1st- The Holidays Don’t Have to Mean A Two Month Binge

Imagine a spending a New Year’s Day not feeling as though you need to be on a restrictive, punitive eating plan along with an exercise regime you hate because, guess what?  You’re already at your lean, ideal, healthy weight and you did it in a healthy way!

It’s no surprise to anyone that most of us do not stick to our resolutions.   How could it be that everyone who needs to lose weight (a very common New  Year’s resolution) is ready to do so on the same day, which happens to be January 1st?

One of the main strategies I encourage clients to implement is to chose a time when it suits them best to make lasting changes; not when they’re about to move, start a new job or go on vacation.

So why am I posting about New Year’s when it’s two months away?

To plant the proverbial seed in your head.  If you’re ready to make positive changes now, and you have weight loss as a goal, to continue with that example, if you become active, or increase your activity, and go Paleo,  you could easily be ten pounds lighter (if not more, if you’ve got a lot of fat to lose) by the time January rolls around.

Stay tuned to more blog posts on the subject and email me if you need some one on one guidance!