So Weight Watchers Isn’t Paying Their Employees…

And it’s not because they don’t have the money to do so.  According to an article in last Sunday’s Times, WW ‘lavishes millions of dollars on celebrities to promote its weight loss program’.

Well, that’s not surprising.  Big name celebrities always get large endorsements for lending their likeness to advertising campaigns for major brands while employees in their stores nation (or world) wide earn the minimum.

This situation isn’t the subject of my blog today.  Rather, it’s the fact that we need to have a multi million (or billion?) dollar company (make that plural) whose sole focus is weight loss (or, actually, for many of the commercial weight loss brands*- methods that don’t work long term so your failure and subsequent re-enrollment in their plan is the goal) in the first place.

Losing weight is hard- understood.  Losing weight has many facets- some of which are emotional and are therefore somewhat alleviated by having a support structure in place- understood.  (I have no doubt at the validity of the concept of what Weight Watchers used to be, nor at the selfless contributions made by dedicated group leaders around the world who are so committed to helping others change their lives, they keep doing so even at less than minimum wage.)   However, losing weight does not need to be something that costs anyone anything other than the cost of buying food.

There are no tricks.   There are no quick fixes.  There is no easy way out.  What there is, however, is a brilliant light at the end of the tunnel.  Depending on the amount of weight someone might need to lose, it could take months or years to get there but the beautiful thing is that it’s never to late to begin giving your body the nourishing food it needs to heal itself and stop giving it junk that made it unhealthy in the first place.

By following the Paleo diet and consuming local, fresh veggies at every meal balanced with lean, wild proteins and some healthy fats, your body can begin down the road to a lean, healthy body weight, slowly but steadily, with no more money spent than your bill at the grocery store.

Given the high percentage of Americans who are overweight, or obese even, if you’re looking for a support group and aren’t aware of one in your area that you can attend at no cost, create your own.   Share recipes, share successes, share hard times and congratulate one another as the pounds come off.

That is something that is sustainable, which you can do for the rest of your life… 

*I don’t mean to discredit Weight Watchers in its original format.  From the research I’ve seen, what the plan used to be actually taught people what portion sizes were and how to balance real food meals is a far cry from today’s version where one can technically go to McDonald’s and use all their points on a value meal and still be ‘sticking to their diet’.