The Marathon That ‘Sucked’…

This morning at swim practice, our coach announced some swimmers who’d run the LA Marathon this past weekend.

One woman had completed her first marathon, an accomplishment in her own right. Another elite athlete had run a 2:31.   Both grinned ear to ear while the rest of us applauded.

A third swimmer, when asked how his race went, replied, “It sucked”.

Everyone laughed.

Except me.

Why would you do something you hate as your exercise modality of choice when there are so many other things to choose from?

I had a chat to the guy and asked if he just had a bad race, which would certainly understand the response, but no, he didn’t have a bad race… he hates running.

Um… why would you sign up for a marathon if you hate running?

To each his own, I suppose, but the one thing I always try to impart to every client I work with is that given the facts that:

1) We all need to move


2) No one has loads of free time

Why would anyone choose to use that precious spare time doing something they find appalling?

Exercise should be fun, enjoyable and filled with excitement, not unlike the way we see kids at a playground, laughing, playing and screeching with excitement.

What’s the best kind of exercise?

The answer for everyone is universal: the one you’ll do!

If you’re doing an activity that feels like it sucks, pick something else.   What have you got to lose?