What should I eat before a SHORT workout?

You may know the drill by now of what to eat before those long training rides & runs, but what if it's the middle of the afternoon on Tuesday and you've got a track session after work?

You don't want to be running on empty, nor do you want to be in the process of digesting a roast beef & spinach salad!

Here are some of my favorite smaller-snacks that do a great job in a last minute top-off that are also quite easily digested:

1) Banana baby food (yes- baby food- buy the organic, nothing added kind) with a bit of egg white protein powder mixed in

2) Natural applesauce with egg with protein powder mixed in

3) A couple of hard boiled egg whites mixed with low fibre fruit, like a banana

4) A gel- try to stick with a brand that does NOT contain: artificial sugar, color, dye, or ANYTHING!  (As always- read labels and if you cannot identify something as a food- DON'T put it in your body!)!

You can easily keep some packets of Egg White Protein Powder, single serve applesauce containers, baby food jars and gels stashed in your office drawer or car without worry of it spoiling (as long as you don't leave them for months on end, that is!), so if you stock up at the beginning of every other week, you'll be all set and ready to rock the workout after work!