150 Calorie Snacks?

I received an email yesterday from one of the many health-related e-lists I'm on.

This one featured a piece about 'Low Calorie (150) POWER Snacks'.

Who ever said snacks should be lower in calories than meals?

My personal philosophy is BALANCE.  Whether you are someone (like me), an endurance athlete, who eats several times per day, with even portions and equal macro nutrient PALEO ratios, or someone who is an avid Cross Fitter and employs intermittent fasting…think balance.

I will speak only on the former, as that is my space, and say that when I counsel my clients, I suggest they approximate their calories for any given day and divide them up equally.

NO – you do NOT need to 'count calories' on Paleo, rather- just visually and physically being aware of what you're eating and keeping that as streamlined and even as possible will elicit a really favorable response; keeping blood sugar levels even, avoided peaks and valleys and the all too common 'sugar cravings and/or crashes.'

Learn to listen to your body's natural hunger cues and stay just a touch ahead of them.  Just as being thirsty shows you're already a little dehydrated, if you wait until you're starving to eat, it's a bit more difficult to catch up.

Plan ahead, and as much as you can, get and stay on a routine!

No matter what you do, PLEASE do not offend your body by ingesting pre-packaged 'diet' or 'low cal' or 'low-fat snacks'.   Often laden with sugars, both real and fake, as well as all kinds of preservative and hydrogenated oils, you're SO much better off having a nice, fresh apple and some raw walnuts!