221,314 Sugar Cubes

According to an article in Ad Age, that quantity of that drug is “the amount of sugar consumed during the average lifetime of a one-can-a-day soda drinker”, per Brita, the water filtration system. They displayed an  “all-white metropolis, built of sugar cubes, meant to symbolize that very amount of sugar” in their new ad last week. In addition, they’re “erecting a “sugar cube city” in New York’s Chelsea Market made from nearly four tons of sugar, which represents sugar consumed by a family-of-four during a lifetime”. Horrified? As we all should be. Let seeing the quantity in these obscene proportions be the wake up call so desperately needed. Set aside whether or not you’re Paleo, or vegan, or gluten free or don’t follow any particular eating regime… this is just appalling. And there’s not a single argument as to why we should be eating this… any of it. “A little of it in moderation” is nonsense. Shall we apply the same sentiment to drugs?   As in, “A little heroin or crack now and then is fine”? I’m not being funny. And I could go on… but we’ve simply got to stop. Stop eating sugar, stop buying it and do so now. There’s just no other way to put an end to this…(dare I write it?)… weapon of mass (self) destruction. As long as there’s a demand, there will be a bigger and bigger supply, to suit the bigger and bigger people who’re being targeted and acting just as the distributors want them to. Click here for the full article. And please don’t read this thinking, well, it’s October 30th and Halloween is tomorrow, so I’ll stop on Saturday. Cut the cord now!