A Healthy Snack For Your Kids?

I was referred to a product which I was unfamiliar with previously by one of my avid blog readers and client.

According to their site, GoGoSqueeze is a "tasty applesauce pouch packed with squeezable goodness that your kids will love before, during and after play", made of apples and apple juice concentrate.

OK- a few things. Yes, there are far worse things kids could eat BUT can't they just have an apple?  Think of all the processing and packaging (even though it may be recycled, it's still a bigger carbon footprint that simply eating a plant) that is going into this product versus picking an apple from a tree, washing it and eating it.

Granted, there are times when one needs something portable and non perishable, for example, on a long road trip or plane flight.  I even recommend to my athlete clients that they can use natural applesauce (as in literally, pureed cooked apple with nothing else) as a pre or post workout snack as they can keep it in their gym back or desk at work without risk of it spoiling.

But that's the exception.  As in, you're in a pinch and it's a better choice than some junk out of a vending machine.

It's the general mindset that needs rethinking.  

Please be mindful of all the facets of what goes into what you're buying, and always please consider what the most natural option might be.

And then go have an apple!