A Helpful Little Paleo Tip for Crispier Fries…

No, you've not read a typ-o!  For those of you who are athletes following the #Paleo Diet, you'll find this little tip for making my baked paleo yam fries quite helpful:

-Cut them into eighths and then toss them with olive oil & fresh garlic and then (wait for it…) dust them with a tiny bit of almond flour- that is raw almonds that you've ground up to resemebel flour.  This helps to give a nice texture to the outside!

-Bake them, evenly spread out on a cookie sheet at 450 for 15', turn and bake another 15', then crank up the oven to broil and brown them off nicely.

Toss with a little salt (here's when salt is indicated on TPD) and pepper and enjoy the heck out of them!

Here's a pic of the end result; I know I've posted it before but I particularly like this photo…