A Must-Check-Out in Kona- Island Naturals Market

For anyone visiting Kona this busy week of the Ironman, you’ll find it’s easy to get caught up in dining out for all your meals.

Just like when traveling anywhere, for that matter, adopting that temporary ‘oh, the heck with it; I’m on vacation‘ attitude which enables you to opt for not so healthy choices compared to when you’re at  home and staying your usual course may seem like a good idea at the time, but if you’ve gone Paleo and have found it to be your ticket to good health, you’ll likely find that even a day or two (or a single meal) with gluten, dairy, soy and the like is not really worth it.

There are plenty of places to dine on the big Island where ordering local wild fish or grass fed meats and organic produce is just as easy as some of the other menu offerings which wouldn’t adhere to our healthy approach to eating.

One such place I simply love is downtown Kona’s Island Naturals Market & Deli.    Easy to find, as it’s right below Bike Works, it’s located at  74-5487 Kaiwi Street  in Kailua-Kona, it’s a literal haven of Paleo goodness.

If you’re staying at an accommodation where you can cook, you can stock up on local blue sweet potatoes to fuel your taper week and for the big day itself (I recommend roasting them in a glass dish with coconut oil), fresh coconuts (to partake of their delicious, hydrating nectar), a plethora of local produce (from chard, to kale, spinach, beets and lettuces and local bananas, pineapple and papaya), grass fed meat and pastured chicken.

Their prepared salads, and salad bar are phenomenal, too.  Some happen to also meet the needs of vegan customers, so everyone’s needs are met.

Finally, their local juice bar offers your choice of a fresh, green shot of greens- kale, cucumber, carrot, ginger, beet and garlic makes a nice blend.

If you’ve been relying on the local Costco and feeling as though it was your only choice, you’ll be very happy about this hidden little gem!