Are Almonds Really All That?

Not so much, it turns out.


Yes, they're better than peanuts (remember, peanuts are NOT nuts- they're legumes so NOT Paleo), and almond butter is a better option than peanut butter BUT that doesn't mean one should eat them ad nauseum.


Because they are actually quite high in inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acids and have virtually NO healthy, anti inflammatory Omega 3s.

Nuts in general are far higher in the 6s than oils, so don't opt for nuts, even the raw ones, as your primary source of fats.  Think of them as a once in a while, a little bit here and there, type of food.

DON'T keep a huge bowl of roasted, salted mixed nuts on your desk in the office, snack on them all day long and then ponder why you're not getting closer to your lean weight, even though you're "Paleo".

 (Calories in/calories out DOES matter in the end if you were a bit heavier than you wanted to be when you began eating Paleo!)

However, remember that it's the ratio of Omega 3:6 fatty acids that is the important factor to look at.

So, you can eat almonds, but be sure to balance out your fats with a great source of Omega 3's, like fish oil.

I use organic raw almond butter in my pre workout smoothies, but I alternate with other fats like virgin coconut oil or fresh avocado.

Remember BALANCE and big picture and you'll be sure to get all your proper paleo fats!