Attention Athletes: Paleo Carbo Loading

Thought it would be timely to breach this subject, yet again, after receiving an email reminder to sign up for the 'Carbo Load Dinner' at the 1/2 Ironman I have this coming weekend.

Just want to offer a reminder to all of you budding, and seasoned endurance athletes out there- you DON'T have to stray from Paleo foods even during Ironman, even during Ultra running, you name it… you can keep PALEO  while training.

The starch of choice is YAMS!  Bake them, puree them, bring them on your century ride, sprinkled with a little salt (indicated for Paleo athletes who sweat!), (toss them with oil and make oven baked 'fries'… keep it playful as always.

The beauty is in the simplicity.  You don't need pasta, bagels and bread to fuel your epic training day or A race.

Give it a try and prove it to yourself!   Here's another peek at my Paleo Yam Oven Baked Fries: