Belviq, A New Diet Drug Approved by FDA…Just What We Need

No matter that it could maybe, possibly cause heart damage (remember Fen-Phen?), and those who are obese might only expect to lose a small percentage of their bodyweight, it’s just time something like this became available for those times when diet and exercise alone simply aren’t enough, right?

Oh, hardly!

An article in the Times yesterday on the front page discussed how for many, simply ‘dieting and exercising’ aren’t making a difference in their obesity.

Well, what the heck are they eating as their diet food?

You can bet it’s not a balanced Paleo meal.

Of course not.

It’s things like: 

  • Packaged ‘diet’ foods.  Yes, ‘diet chips and cookies’ may be lower in total calories than their ‘regular’ counterpart, but they’re still not food, still contain nothing remotely nutritious and still have plenty of toxins and sugar to keep one hooked on eating them.
  • Short lived, extremely low-calorie, restrictive diets which feel punitive and therefore, not sustainable long term.  I wouldn’t want to live on meals made of celery sticks and broiled skinless chicken breast either.
  • “Doctor-supervised” (a lot of value that statement is worth!) fasting plans, often consisting primarily of liquid meal replacements made of a host of artificial sugars, flavors and colors, ultra refined grain, milk or soy ingredients and again, nothing remotely conducive to the body’s good, long term health.
  • Over the counter pills, potions and drinks sold as ‘fat burners’ or ‘carb blockers’.  My favorite has got to be one that I saw that was touted to also make you more tan simultaneously.
And on it goes.
Granted, it’s as confusing as anything to decipher what messages we should or shouldn’t listen to in terms of what to eat, so we’ve got to really go back to basics.   Set aside whether or not you’ve ever even picked up a nutrition book or magazine, it’s really simple.
Does it seem like a better idea to eat fresh veggies, fruits, proteins and natural fats or to eat highly refined things in shiny wrappers with ingredients you cannot identify at all, let alone identify as being things you want to eat?
If you’re reading this, and you’ve got a little bit of weight to lose, or a lot of weight to lose, and you feel like nothing’s worked before, give Paleo a try.  If followed properly, it’s really difficult not to get to one’s ideal weight and body fat percentage.
Does it happen overnight, or in a week? 

Of course not, but how long did it take you to get to a weight which is too high for you?

Be rationale, be patient and be kind to yourself by beginning to nourish yourself with real food.  


By the way, one other reason to try Paleo for weight loss efforts is that there is no risk for heart damage caused by medications.  Again, remember Fen-Phen?