Burgers & Fries! Huh?

Yes indeed, that's what I made for dinner yesterday!  Well, sort of…

-Buffalo Burgers (an excellent, lean source of protein) served in Bibb Lettuce with grilled red onion, beefsteak tomato and avocado

-Oven-baked yam 'fries'- (OK, not really fries, but you get the idea!),  SInce both my husband and myself have big volume training over the weekend, we need the starch!

-Kale and chard sauteed in garlic & oil (greens are a staple in every meal at our house!)

-MIxed greens salad (again- a must-eat at each feeding!)

Yet one more idea of how to stay Paleo while eating a plethora of delicious, tasty and good-for-your-body foods!