Craving Cookies?

OK- let's get off on the right foot; I'm NOT doing this post to tell you to eat cookies all the time.  

If you are someone, like me, who follows at the 100% commitment level, and, on occasion you'd like a safe (as in, not containing toxins such those found in grains or soy!) option as a treat, these are worth checking out.

Today I spoke with the creator and founder of CAVEMEN COOKIES (Click HERE for more info), and was happy to have made the connection with a like minded Paleo Devotee.

The ingredients list… guess what- food? 

Nice change from most of the other products out there that all contain…junk!

They contain nuts, fruit and honey, the last of which, as per The Paleo Diet, is OK on occasion.

If you're going to  splurge, once in a while, give 'em a try and stay Paleo, rather than heading off to the cookie shop in the mall and getting a stomach full of gliadin, gluten and corn syrup!