Diet Soda Cocktails? Not Paleo. And Not A Great Idea.

If the occasional drink on a special occasion is something you partake in, don’t make the mistake of trying to save calories by going with a diet coke and rum or a diet tonic with gin.

We know from The Paleo Diet, by Dr. Cordain, that a glass of red wine now and then not only has health benefits, but that it can be part of a healthy Paleo approach.   In addition, for those who avoid wine due to its sulfate content or if you’re fighting off a yeast overgrowth, a clear spirit (such as potato vodka or gin) would be an option for the occasional celebratory drink…with a meal.

However, if you’re thinking a ‘diet’ Mai-tai, made with an artificial sugar, low calorie mix, a ‘skinny margarita’ made with a sugar-free base or a rum and diet coke would be equally good options, think again.


We all know that drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea, and since the alcohol will be absorbed far more quickly than if consumed with food.

Diet drinks, which have zero calories, equate to the same thing.  

Partake in those at your next dining event and you’ll be far more likely to drink too much and then, once feeling a little bit (or a lot) tipsy, you may find yourself gobbling down brie on French bread, pasta primavera or chocolate cake. 

Not only will you wake up with a hangover, you’ll probably also have an upset stomach, a headache and a good amount of congestion…at best!

Steer clear.   

Of course, there’s always the most Paleo option- no alcohol at all!