Easy Peasy Paleo…At CPK!

When I think of CPK (California Pizza Kitchen), I think back to college, back to the days when I first moved to LA and relished the opportunity to enjoy what I recall was one of their signature dishes- their chopped BBQ salad or one of their veggie-themed pizzas. I was 19, on a college budget and CPK was was a reliably tasty option for a Saturday night date or a weekend out with friends. Fond memories, for sure, but certainly not anything I’d think of as a go-to when suggesting a good place to dine, Paleo style, for a client. I stand corrected. As it turns out, my new studio is smack dab next door (OK, two stores) away from a CPK and I enjoyed a lovely, light lunch there today with a friend. How handy that they have the gluten free dishes indicated and that there were actually many different options to choose from for a healthy, veggie & protein focused meal, whether you’re looking for a light salad (perfect for today, when it was 90 degrees!) or a heartier dinner. I opted for a roasted veggie salad (sans corn), topped with grilled salmon- olive oil in place of dressing, while my friend went with the grilled asparagus, arugula and chicken. Easy, Peasy, Paleo. It’s getting easy to make healthier choices at many a restaurant ranging from neighborhood faves like CPK to upscale fine dining venues as well.  Just takes an extra minute or two to peruse any given menu and perhaps ask a question or two…it’s so worth it!