Easy Takes the Stage

I’ve heard it time and time again.  Easy, fast and quick options far too often become the choice when the rubber hits the road.  

Most clients get it.  They understand why dairy, grains and legumes are a no go and the harm they do to our bodies.  They do a great job at staying Paleo, ‘when they have time’.  

When they don’t have time, though, watch out.  

From the mildest slip like having vinegar on their salad (which I personally feel is is far less offensive than having ‘just a little bread’) to saying  ‘the heck with it, bring me a pizza’, precious time spent on other things takes precedence and eating clean fuel gets stuck on the back burner.

This is not to criticize clients; while we all certainly need to take responsibility for what we put in our own mouths, we also all need to collectively demand that more healthy options become available wherever we go.

Can you imagine if all office break rooms just naturally had steamed broccoli in their fridges and sliced free range turkey, rather than ten kinds of microwave popcorn and candy?  Or if the doctor’s office handed out apples instead of sweets?

It might seem like nothing, but even a friendly little comment to the receptionist like, “Oh, it would be great if you had a bowl of apples in the waiting room” or having a casual conversation with the office manager about adding a fresh salad bar to the cafeteria offerings can add up to a big deal, if we all do our little part.

Ask, ask, ask and maybe we shall receive the wish of having more actual food on hand?   How easy would it be then?  Let’s get started!