Eggs- Whole Or Just The Whites?

Dear Nell,

Why do you only eat egg whites?  Is the whole egg too fattening?


I do tend to eat just the whites- but it's only due to personal preference as I don't really care for the texture of a hard boiled egg yolk.  I will, on occasion, eat eggs whole, in an omelette, for example, but I normally tend to eat a hard boiled egg white and share the yolk with my dogs!

I don't worry about the nutrients I'm missing by not eating the yolk (such as important essential fatty acids!) as I am very tuned into my diet (well, obviously) and eat fish oil, flaxseed oil, avocado & coconut oil (just to name a few examples!) as well as lean meats, poultry and fish so as to be sure I'm getting proper amounts of cholesterol intake.

Who shouldn't eat eggs, then?

Anyone with autoimmune disease, as they can exacerbate symptoms, as well as anyone who has a legitimate allergy to them.

Go ahead and scramble 'em up!  It's the one traditional 'breakfast' food that most people can easily eat when they're new to the #Paleo Diet!