Enjoy That Vino! IT’S PALEO!

Often, when  someone approaches me and pays a compliment about looking lean & fit, to which I graciously reply and then say, 'It's all about the diet", and then explain the Paleo basics, the response tends to be something along the lines of 'gosh, that sounds radical'.

They think I must have to stay in at eat all meals at home, never do to restaurants, and eat very boring food.

SO not true.

If ONLY they could see what Chris and I eat on a day to day basis, as well as when we host dinners and parties!

And then… I mention the occasional glass of red wine and they do a quick 180. "Oh!", they comment, "Maybe I COULD give it a try".

I've written about having a glass of vin many a time, and I don't view having some as a deviation or a 'cheat'.  

Red wine has many health benefits, including high levels of antioxidants, particularly reservatrol- nothing else is a better source as well as  lower levels of many maladies when consumed in moderation.

Refer to the tomb of knowledge itself, Dr. Corain's The Paleo Diet, and you'll see where he writes, "If you currently enjoy an occasional glass of wine, there is no need to forego this pleasure…consumption of wine a few times per week won't hurt your health (or slow your weight loss, if that's a goal)?"  He also states, "Wine before or during dinner may help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce your appetite."

If you're a wine aficiando, as I am (actually, I'll go ahead and admit I'm a bit of a wine snob; why drink something that's less than perfect? : ), then don't feel you've got to eschew that lovely part of a  beautiful meal on a date with your spouse or out for a girls' night.