Farmer’s Market Finds

Anyone out there in LA?  If so, you’re likely familiar with one of the best farmer’s markets around, the Santa Monica Wednesday Market at the Promenade.

As per their website:  The Santa Monica Farmers Markets are committed to promoting healthful eating and sustainable agriculture in California by providing fresh agricultural products from small farms to urban customers, thereby building community and preserving California farmland.

What better way to support local farmers and healthy eating in one fell swoop?

I enjoy doing some of my gathering there as it allows the opportunity to focus on what is available seasonally in my particular neck of the woods and be creative when I approach shopping there almost the opposite way that I go about it in the grocery store.  

At the farmer’s market, there may be certain fruits, veggies and wild proteins that you can more or less count on to find, while others may make a surprise appearance out of the blue so it can be fun to go without a plan, seeing what you find and then making something up when you get home.

Just last week, I found plenty of the kale I was after as well as garlic, olive oil and berries, but also happened upon some ramps and opted to use those for a fish dish I’d planned on preparing in lieu of leeks.   In addition, although I hadn’t necessarily thought of rabbit for my weekly menu, I happily purchased some for a braised preparation I’d been looking to test out.

Use it as an opportunity to speak directly to the growers or ranchers,  find out about their products, where it came from, how to prepare it and ask for a sample while you’re at it.  

You’ll leave knowing you’ve done a good deed for the day, both for the vendors whom you’ve supported, as well as for yourself and your family, for whom you’ll deliver a lovely and bountiful meal.