Forego the Fruit & Fire Up The Fat

No, not entirely.

You don’t need to ‘not eat fruit’, but hear me out on this one (can I still write ‘hear me out’ for something written?  Not sure, but anyway…)


  • Eating plenty of assorted, local, organic, seasonal veggies at each meal will ensure you’re getting plenty of fiber throughout the day.
  • Eating more healthy fat (avocado, coconut oil, olive oil and animal fat (from wild animals), egg yolks- basically all fats that are not trans fats) will help you to absorb nutrients, feel more satisfied, and therefore, less likely to want to snack mindlessly before the next meal.
  • Increasing the fat at each meal will also stave off the likelihood of functioning on that awful sugar/insulin roller coaster.

Keep the veg.  Keep the protein and try adding just a bit more fat that you’re used to.

Yes, athletes, I’m addressing you, too.

You’ll see some interesting posts coming in the near future regarding the changing approach I’m taking to training, so stay tuned and get ready to rethink some things as I share my own journey with you.

Don’t overthink it…start tomorrow by adding an extra egg cooked with extra coconut oil instead of adding a banana to your morning eggs with veggies and see if you don’t notice that you’re feeling more full for a longer period of time, more focused at work and less interested in the prospect of a milkshake and cake at 3 pm (a frappuccino and a muffin).

Let your body’s response be your proof!