Giving Away Your Mixer Since You’re Paleo? THINK AGAIN!


Just because you're no longer mixing cake batter or bread dough is no reason to give away the Kitchen Aid!

I nearly did exactly that- my husband and I received the ubiquitous Kitchen Aid Mixer as a wedding gift.


However, fortunately, I was having a wander around Williams Sonoma (my Disneyland- as you know! ) and I saw several very useful, and very Paleo attachments for my mixer:

  • Meat grinder
  • Sausage stuffer (if you make your own, you can keep it Paleo!)
  • 'Ice cream' maker (you don't HAVE to use dairy- opt for fresh fruit and make sorbet; no you do NOT need to add anything extra to 'sweeten' it- just fresh, local, in-season fruit will is brilliant!

Definitely a fun kitchen extra- so if you have one- keep it!