Goji Berries, Walnuts & Rose Tea…

What have they got in common, along with raw walnuts?

They are all indicated to support women's health in Chinese Medicine, AND they are all Paleo Friendly!

Just a little tidbit I learned today, from a friend who practices acupuncture, that I thought was very worth mentioning, especially for any of my female athlete readers!

Many female athletes experience menstrual disturbances; some choose to go the traditional Western Medicine route, while others opt for 'alternative' options, including acupuncture, or perhaps a combination of the two.

Please note- I'm certainly not suggesting that if this sounds like you, all you'd need to do is eat the foods and things would return to normal, as the cause and treatment are quite varied!

Regardless, even if you're not one who fits into that category, feel free to enjoy these foods as part of many of the other wonderful items on The Paleo Diet!