Holiday Tip: Pass (on) The Cheese, Please

Thinking that Manchengo-stuffed date or Baked Brie en Croûte is looking oh-so-appetizing?

Not so much.

For many, even a little dairy is enough to elicit negative side effects including bloating, gassiness, nasal congestion or skin breakouts.

Not only that, but did you know that casein, a protein found in milk, can act like gluten in the body?    

Even if you’re not sold on Paleo, hopefully you’ve at least cut out gluten, one of the most offensive substances we can possibly ingest, in my opinion. 

Same  goes for casein.  Unless, that is, we’re talking about a four-legged creature of the bovine persuasion…

Don’t forget, cheese is not part of the True Paleo diet.  Not raw cheese, not grass-fed cheese, not any cheese.   And no, it’s not dependent on how one feels it affects them.  As if to say that a vegan who feels fine when eating fish makes fish a part of the vegan diet?

No dairy. Period.

Why not go for the crudités platter, the fresh figs stuffed with walnuts or a handful of grapes off the fresh fruit tray along with some of that sliced turkey and melon hors d’ oeuvre the waiter just offered you?

Skipping the cheese will allow you to avoid those unfavorable side effects and create a place in your Paleo plate for some far better and healthier protein plus fat options in your meal.