How Much Fruit Should I Be Eating?

After the post yesterday about serving sizes for nuts, one reader posted a comment asking how much fruit one should eat per day.

I wouldn't feel comfortable making a blanket statement to all and telling everyone they must only eat 'X' number of pieces of fruit.

In the #PaleoDiet book, Dr. Cordain writes in the second chapter where he outlines the 'ground rules' that we can eat carbohydrates (from low glycemic fruits & veg) as we want to.  He makes it simple by heading with a statement, highlighted in bold: 

"Eat lots of lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables".

Can't really put it any more succinctly!

In my experience with clients, the part where people often run into a hurdle is when they're not balancing out their meals with all three macro nutrients present (Fat, Carbs & Pro) at each meal.  Common sense translation:  Don't have three bananas at one sitting and call it a meal; rather have a high glycemic fruit like banana close to the time of a workout, and make a meal out of low glycemic berries scattered atop a leafy green salad with chicken, avocado and olive oil.

As conditioned as so many of us are by strange things recommended not only by the diet industry, but also by the ADA (hello- why would any human need 6 – 11 servings of grain? Or any for that matter?), it's not surprising that the tendency is to over think something which is really quite simple.

Again: "Eat lots of lean meat, fresh fruit and vegetables".

That, coupled with MOVING, will get you less ill (if that applies), leaner and closer to being the healthy person you deserve to be!