Hungry at 3…

Don’t do it!

Put down the muffin and back away from the barista!

So many of my clients report the same thing: “I’m always hungry at 3pm. I don’t know why.   I try to power through, but I either end up starving and eating everything in site when I get home, or giving in to the sugar craving and heading to Starbucks for a caffeine & sugar fix.  What am I doing wrong?”.

It’s actually quite simple.

If you’re hungry…guess what?  You should eat.  Not too complicated, is it?

Hopefully, by the time 3PM rolls around, you’ve already eaten two or three or even four balanced, Paleo friendly meals (call them snacks, call them mini meals…it’s either food or it’s not food!), so it is to be expected that when you’ve digested the protein, fat and carb0hydrate (as in fresh veg) from your last meal, you’ll once again be hungry and ready for the next meal.

If, for example, you’re someone who happens to need 2,000 calories per day, just to use a nice, balanced number, and you’ve eaten about 400 calories at 7am, another equally sized meal at around 10, another at 1, then of course, by 3 or 4 pm, it’s time for another fueling session, and then the last one would be your dinner at perhaps 6:30 or 7PM.

Trust me on this.  If you stay Paleo, and stay balanced both in terms of timing and macro nutrients (again- make sure each meal has some healthy fat, some lean protein and some fresh veggies), you’ll allow your body to not go into a situation where you’re having blood sugar dips, insulin responses and a fat-storing metabolism.

Keep the clean fuel coming in and set yourself up for a day filled with through-the-roof energy, propelling you that much further along the path to that lean, fit body you’ve been wanting!