I Had A Healthy Lunch So What’s With the Afternoon Fog?

This was a question posed to me recently by a friend.  She had worked out first thing in the morning, ate a healthy breakfast, a solid lunch and had kept properly hydrated. So what gives? I asked her for more information and and we sorted it out pretty quickly.   Her breakfast, poached eggs, sautéed spinach with avocado and berries sounded great, as did her morning snack of an apple and some raw walnuts. But lunch? That was the problem. She thought she’d made a good choice by ordering what was called a ‘California Salad’, and asking for no croutons and lemon wedges instead of bleu cheese dressing. Good start,  but what else did the salad contain? Mixed greens, shredded carrot, avocado, a little bit of turkey, grapes, dried cranberries and mango. How much turkey, I asked?    She reiterated: A little. All Paleo foods, yes, but far too much sugar in the form of grapes, dried cranberries and mango, all of which are higher on the glycemic index chart than a better fruit option, like some fresh berries. Also, it likely didn’t contain enough protein or fat. It is very tricky indeed, but once you get the hang of it, it gets much easier! Wondering what a healthy day of Paleo eating actually looks like? Check out one of my download plans now!