Kale Powder? How About Kale Power Instead?

I thought I’d seen all the possible permutations of kale- in the form of chips of all flavors, that is, but yesterday at Whole Foods, I saw something new:  kale powder. Freeze-dried and organic and $20.00 for 2 ounces? A quick peek at the label touted all its benefits:

  • Supports healthy detoxification and healthy liver function
  • A cruciferous powerhouse for supporting healthy cells and DNA
  • Nourishes eye and skin health
  • Alkaline properties support healthy pH balance
  • Maintains healthy bones with plant-based calcium
  • Rich source of antioxidants and phytonutrients for glowing health and wellness

As well as revealed its low processing affirmations:

  • Absolutely no fillers, sweeteners, carriers or other unwanted additives
  • Grown in organically rich soil
  • Peak harvest of whole plant for optimal nutrition and bioactivity
  • Patented fresh freeze-dried through an exclusive process to retain its wholesome goodness and freshness
  • Never unduly subjected to heat, solvents, oxygen, or other harsh processing

Looks clean enough and I don’t have a reason to suggest not using it, except…how about just eating kale?   Fresh, raw organic kale with zero processing offers all the health benefits listed above, and then some and is so versatile you can use it in anything from a salad to a smoothie to a wrap to a sauté. Fresh is always best…and more cost effective! Go (Raw) Kale Power!