Keeping Paleo @ Starbucks On The Road

One last 'on the road' Paleo eating post from our trip home from Sonoma on the 5…

Yes, it will require a bit of doctoring, but, in a pinch, you can make a snack from the following options at Starbucks:

-Herbal Tea- my personal fave is their Rooibos (just PLAIN hot tea- NOT a tea latte!!)
-roasted almonds or cashews (obviously less preferable than raw walnuts but still, consuming a little salt once in a while is a far better option than a eating a muffin!)
-banana or fresh fruit cup
-the chicken, carrot and cucumber (toss the hummus and pita) from their new 'Chicken Flatbread' snack . You could also do the same with one of their sandwiches- eat the sliced turkey and ditch the bread and cheese. (Once again – processed deli meat not ideal for day to day, but better than a cheese coated egg sandwich).

The bottom line is to try and make the best choice you can when none of the options are fantastic (except the fresh fruit!).

Of course, keep in mind that this is not a recommendation to make this part of your ever day routine. Just a reminder that even on the road, you needn't veer way off track and sabotage your healthy Paleo eating (or your guts!).