Memorial Day Celebration?

Here's one holiday which traditionally features something that followers of The Paleo Diet can delve right into- grilled proteins!

True, we won't be focused on eating hot dogs in buns and macaroni salad, BUT, it's quite easy to keep it Paleo, whether you're the host or the guest, without it even being that obvious to those grain, legume and dairy consuming friends and family we all have!

Use the # of people you're expecting, if you're the host, to determine how many of the following you want to offer:

Proteins: Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon, Bison Burgers &Grilled Chicken Breast

Veg: Grilled Bell Peppers, Onions, Squash.  Garden Salad, Raw Kale Salad, Crudites with home made guacamole or salsa

Fruit for dessert: Grilled peaches & pineapple, fresh berries, melon

As always, keep it colorful and well presented- don't make a point of reminding guests what they're NOT getting, and instead, let them focus on all the good food that they are!

Enjoy the holiday!