More Proof That Paleo Pets Are HEALTHIER Pets!

Just back from the vet where both of our 12 year old Weims, who are also endurance athletes (like mother, like daughter, and like father like son- we have one boy and one girl), checked out with flying colors.

Lean, healthy body weight, no signs of arthritis and a nice, low resting heart rate.  Pretty good for a couple of 84 -year olds!

From the time they were pups (and they were in the pack with my husband for six years before I came along!), they've gotten plenty of exercise via long, endurance runs and… wait for it… paleo eating.

I've blogged about this a few times before, yet I felt compelled to write again after their check up.  Aside from the fact that they each have the tiniest hint of grey around the muzzle, you'd think they were about seven at the oldest; and they're told that all the time.

So, what do they eat?

Meat and vegetables.

What do they NOT eat?  FILLERS! JUNK!  Crappy human left over food (that we don't eat, nor should other humans, nor should dogs!! I cringe when I hear of people treating their canine kids as garbage receptacles and giving them things like 'the rest of their cheese pasta or cake!  What is the rationale?).

Unfortunately, most of the dog food on the market, not unlike most of the human food on the market, has got quite a few undesireable ingredients on the label.  Would a dog's ancestor's really have been eating corn, wheat and rice?  

Yes, that 'food' is cheaper but how much are you really saving in the long run when your pet develops health problems at an early age and you're faced with the horrible decision of whether to treat or not, based on cost.

While I certainly don't claim to be a pet health expert, I know enough to know what our Graham and Daisy should be eating, and we have our vet's blessing.

If you're interested in prepping your dog or cat's food, it's really easy.  Do keep in mind, however, it's not just a matter of 'giving them ground beef'.  Check with your vet to ask what enzymes, minerals and vitamins your babies need to make sure they are getting a balanced diet that is not lacking in anything.  In addition, there are some great books on the market that were recommended by our vet, one of which is Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats .  

Give it a try- and your dog (or cat) will no doubt show great results on their new 'anti aging' diet!

Here is our Graham, letting his Mum (me) know that it's time for breakfast…


And Daisy, not quite ready to get up, too comfortable in her 600-thread count cotton sheets… oh, dear, the poor hounds are certainly very well cared for, are they?