MY PALEO Version of An “Iced Blended”

Recently, I popped into a local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Shoppe for a black espresso before my noon Master's swim, and also asked for a giant cup of water.  

I finished both and still had a little bit of water left when I got home, PLUS I had to rush out the door to get to an appointment, so I had to get creative.

(It strikes me how often clients tell me that they 'can't eat paleo foods because they're driving or on the go' and they tend to default to things like Larabars (which, as long as you stay with peanut-free ARE technically Paleo BUT still quite high in sugar for a meal eaten NOT around training, and still, it's in a package- so keep them as a ONCE IN A WHILE option) OR too much fresh fruit eaten with nothing else to balance out the macro nutrient ratio.

Obviously, it would be not only messy, but dangerous for me to suggest eating a salad whilst driving, so why not stick with a creative bent and whiz something up in the blender that you can safely consume on the go?)

I did just that- and for irony's sake, I poured it into that very same coffee bean cup with the iced blended logo on it!

I combined in my blender:

  • chilled green tea
  • steamed, chilled rapini
  • chilled baked pumpkin
  • virgin coconut oil
  • and an egg


The result- Green Goodness which was balanced, Paleo, portable and WAY healthier than anything one might find at a 'juice bar'!