National Paleo Day? Even Better, National Paleo Month!

I just learned that yesterday was National Eat Your Veggies Day.   Alas, I also missed the huge holiday that happened on June 7th- National Donut Day.  I suppose there is a day for everything?

How about National Go Paleo Day?  Even better, National Paleo Month?

Can you imagine a scenario in which everyone made an effort for a full month to focus on eating locally, seasonally, organically – when possible in terms of budgetary constraints- and including healthy proteins, fats and veggies in each meal while eschewing refined carbohydrates and adulterated fats?

Pipe dream, I know…

What is feasible, however, is taking the time to share what Paleo is with those immediately around you, in small steps.   And, you needn’t broadcast that’s what you’re doing necessarily, either, depending on your audience.

Really, it’s just food that we’re eating, if you really think about it.

If you host a dinner party and serve an arugula, avocado, strawberry and olive oil salad to start, and then offer sauteed kale with grass fed filet mignon as the main, and finish off with a cup of fresh berries, doesn’t that just seem like a balanced, fresh, healthy meal of…food?

Then afterwards, when your guests are raving about how simple, yet delicious everything was, you can casually mention as an aside that this is Paleo, this is how you eat all the time and this is how you were able to lose weight/ stop taking your asthma medication/ quit the sleeping pills for the insomnia you used to have/ clear up your skin and taper your young child off the meds he’d been erroneously prescribed for what turned out not to be ADD, but just eating too much sugar, or whatever the health issue may be.

As if by magic!

Teaching the paleo basics and sharing the bounty with others is a true gift all of us can give… and it doesn’t cost a penny.

Here’s to National Paleo Education!