Not Paleo Per Se…

But my dining experience at Per Se was, actually, Paleo.
I don’t often devote an entire post to a specific restaurant but this simply had to be the exception.
While some assume that dining at a three star Michelin establishment would prove to be more difficult to stay Paleo, quite to the contrary, I found it to be one of the most easy places to stay true to my Paleo lifestyle.
When I booked my reservation, thirty days to the day before I wanted to dine there, I simply let the woman with whom I spoke know that I had allergies to soy, dairy and gluten and would she please make a note of it.
She indicated that it would not be a problem in the least and reassured me that they receive requests such as mine all the time.
Upon arrival, I double checked with the maitre’d to confirm that all was in order, and indeed, it was.
Everything had been planned out with such detail that one would never know by looking that my nine course dining experience was any different from that of the guest at the next table.
The presentation of the nine small tasting plates was exquisite, the flavor profile devine and, not surprisingly, the Paleo versions of each did not remotely leave us feeling as though we’d forsaken anything in the least.
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely dining experience and I’d have to say it’s an absolute must do when in New York.