Obsessing About Food?

“Hi!! I feel so clean and less water retention when I eat your recipes, but how do you suggest to not obsess about food when you are trying to make the Paleo switch?” wrote in a blog reader the other day…

The most common issue I see clients dealing with when they report feeling ‘obsessed with food’ is that they’re not eating enough.

Think about a very calorically restricted diet as an example.  Say, perhaps, that you’ve decided to adhere to the rules of an early 90’s model and you’re doing a low-fat, low-cal model and trying to get by on 1,200 calories per day.  Sure, this might be enough if you’re three feet tall, but for most adults, it’s far too low.

However, many of us, myself included, have certainly given this a try.

End result?  Typically one could follow this approach for a period of time and while the weight may come off, it’s usually short lived.  Days after days or weeks after weeks of eating too little, feeling irritable and dizzy and unable to stop thinking about when the next meal is combing along.

Kinda like obsessing over food.

When a True Paleo regime is properly implemented, however, you’re every sense is satiated.  You’ve eaten a meal that looks lovely, smells fantastic, tastes incredible with a pleasant mouthfeel and all the colors of the rainbow have graced your plate over the course o the day. You’ve consumed adequate fat, the proper amount of protein and balanced it all out with a range of local, seasonal veggies.

With no fillers, and no bad side effects, to boot!

So, if you find yourself constantly thinking about food, check in and make sure the type of approach you’re following really is that of a True Paleo regime, and not some strange, too-low-calorie version of it.

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